You’ve arrived to my new (upgraded) blog. I gave it a little makeover, and I hope you will like it.
Since the blog got a little makeover, I thought that my  “About” section should get a little makeover too.

First of all… writing about myself is a bit tricky. What can I write about myself…
My name is Renata (please call me Renia), I am a 50+ old lady, I live in UK, in a beautiful Newcastle upon Tyne. However originally I am from Poland – as I am bilingual, I try to write my posts in both Polish and English (please forgive me if you spot any mistakes ;).

You are probably wondering why I called my blog “Ven’s wife style”. Can you guess? No it’s not my name 🙂 It’s my husband’s name, and since it is such a unique and beautiful name I decided that I would like to have it as my blog’s title. No more mystery.

So…what can you find on my blog?
I will show you my style, my favourite current trends. I believe that  fashion is limitless, and regardless of our age we should have as much fun with fashion as we want. Besides fashion, I will be also including beauty posts, a bit about travelling and life. Feel free to let me know if you think that I should include anything else. I am open to your feedback and suggestions.

Enjoy my blog.